Monday, March 30, 2009

KC weekend..

My family came and picked me up from Manhattan a few days ago, and we all traveled to KC together. It was a nice weekend. We actually got snow, which made the car traveling that much more exciting :D. Here are some pics from our weekend !!

This is us imitating our niece Ella. We don't look as cute doing it, but we tried :D HAHA.

This is our winter spring?!?!?

This is the view of our hotel's pool. There was a hottub and this pool which was half indoors and half outdoors. We decided to brave it, and we actually swam outdoors :D . It took me the longest time to get there though since we jumped in AFTER the hottub...which made the water feel really cold .... Guess whose footprints those are :D I'll give you three guesses :D **and yes, I said FOOT prints, not shoe prints **