Sunday, November 14, 2010


Since the 8th grade was taking their exams this past week (Mon-Thurs), the rest of the school had a school break to eliminate distractions. I tried to work out ministry days (to go visit other ministries in the area) for those days off, but those fell through. I ended up working in the SIM office Mon-Thurs. That was really nice as they have been really busy. Hopefully it will slow down a bit after this coming Friday.
Some of my friends/housemates came to my school last week to visit. Here are some of their pictures! Here are my students working diligently!! HAHAH
We started exams for the rest of the school as well. Those will continue through this week. I can't believe how quickly this term has gone! I will be home in 5 short weeks. WOW!

Fun with hair

Here is how my hair looked for 3 1/2 only took 3 hours and 45 minutes to braid , or plait.This is the process of taking out the extensions. I even got a toothpick out for the really small braids:This is what happens when you play with electrical outlets:
This is when I finished pulling out my extension....more than 4 hours:Now....wait for a few more weeks and start the process all over again. :D

Monday, November 8, 2010

Fall a new fashion

I'm experiencing a new kind of fall this year. I do miss the reds and oranges of the trees at home, but this is what I'm getting this year. Nice change for one year :D

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Wow, time is flying by so quickly! I don't know how the month of October is already gone. I thought I should probably update quickly! I only have 6 more weeks here in Kenya, then I'll get to update you all in person! Yay!

School is going well. We have this week off for the standard 8 students to take their huge exams. This is the deciding factor for possibly moving on to High School. They are taking exams Monday through Thursday. The rest of the school has those days off from school so that the 8th graders will not be distracted. During this time, I will be working at the SIM office and also taking some ministry days to visit other ministries. I'll let you know when those plans are solidified. We will start the exams for the rest of the school on Friday, and that will continue through next week.
The end of the school term is November 26th.

Other than that, I'm keeping busy with 5 roommates...4 from Germany, and 1 from India. What an experience to have so many cultures around all the time! I love the people here, and I will really miss them when I leave! I"m super excited to see my friends and family again, especially around the holidays!

THanks for your prayers, and I'll try to update again shortly!