Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fall Conference 09

I went to Christian Challenge's Fall Conference this weekend. It was a great weekend! Since I just started going to Challenge this semester, I found myself signed up to go. We went to Salina for for the conference. Each day, we had a big group session with the main speaker, and then we had workshops on Saturday, and free time to hang out. THey had activities going all day. Each school made teams for ultimate frisbee, bball, and volleyball. We went paddleboating, and walking around the grounds, and met a lot of people! I think I hit name overload.

We had two options for housing. We could either get rooms indoors, or go camping...which I chose! It was rather cold the first night, but thanks to sweat pants and sweat shirts, blankets and a sleeping bag, I was nice and warm!! :D

When I got home, I had to get some homework done, but then I went to do church nursery...So since I had my camera on me, I took a pic of the kids I watch most of the time. I am going to throw one of those pics in here too, just to show you.