Thursday, May 28, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

Another Memorial Day has come and past...huh. Time is going so quickly! We went to Grandma Clark's church on Sunday for a memorial service for all those (in their church) that past away this past year. On Monday, we went to the cemetery where my Grandpa Clark is buried.

I loved seeing all of the flags around the cemetery, and the recent rains made everything look so beautiful.

Mom said that Grandpa was facing the field so that he could watch it grow! That sounded so much like Grandpa. I miss him so much, but I know he is enjoying Heaven right now!

We also lost my Grandma Val this past year. I didn't actually make it to that cemetery this time, but she and my Grandpa Veer were on my mind as well. I am thankful that God sent her to be in our family!
Who knows, maybe she and Grandpa Clark had a h-o-m-a-d-e ice cream party in Heaven!?!?

Thursday, May 14, 2009

End of the Year!!

Today I went to Topeka to meet my cousin Adrian. His girlfriend took a three hour test in town, so Adrian and I roamed Topeka. I really mean roamed. We drove around for almost an hour before we found something interesting to see :D HAHA.
We drove and drove, and decided to stop by good will. What excitement for Topeka! HA! We drove some more and found a book and map store. That was actually quite interesting! We drove some more, and finally found "Old Prairie Town". It was small, but fun to walk around. There was even a lady in the store that told us a bunch of history.
We picked Abby up and headed to Barnes and Noble, got some Starbucks and read some books! What a great way to start summer!