Monday, October 4, 2010

Pictures of God's Creation!! :D

This is the beginning of our trip to Mt. Longenot, an extinct volcano... we're waiting for the matatu to fill up. A matatu is a 15 passenger over-crowded van for public transport.
We made it to the "top" of the volcano. It only took 1 hour and 15 minutes...but wait, we then started hiking around the top!
Beautiful views!
There were lots of places with loose gravel. THis was one such place. I had slipped into this position....HAHAH...
The peak on the left was the tallest...Yikes!

We made it to the top of the highest peak...only to realize that it was only 1/4 of the way around. It was starting to look as if rain was coming, so we didn't stay here too long!

We finally made it around the whole only took us 3 1/2 hours. Now, we get to get back down the rest of the way, and find our way home! We woke up the next morning really sore, but feeling like we accomplished something!

Random News...

Just a little piece of information that really excites me....our oven was fixed today (after not working for almost a week)!! YAY! HAHAH, I'm easily excited, so I just had to share...thanks for listening! :D :D

OTher things that have happened since my last post:
The new teacher that I have been teaching with has been really great. I've enjoyed working with her, and we get along very well! Thanks for your prayers through the transition.
Hopefully starting in a week or two, I may begin working at the SIM office in addition to teaching in the school. It will be nice to spend more time with the people there. I have only been to the office a few times since I'm always at school, and some of the people working there always ask me why I never go to see them! :D

Here are some pictures from the last few weeks...This one is the view of Kibera from New Adventure school...This is a picture of the ladies that work in the "kitchen" at school. I sit with them when I have breaks...and they take really good care of me!! :D The lady on the left is Josephine, and the one on the right is Veronica.
This is one of my students. His name is Melzedeck. (It's not correctly spelled, but at least you know how to pronounce it :D )....He has informed me that he is going to come back with me to the States. He'll travel in my bags!! :D I couldn't resist his dimply smile :DHere are two VERY random pictures. The one is what the children eat at the school every day. IT is called guitheri, which is a mixture of maize and beans. It has grown on me, and I eat it several times a week. A lot of kids go buy an avocado and put it in the guitheri. Surprisingly, it tastes really good! The other picture is the cho (i.e. the latrene or toilet) at school. Thought you would enjoy it :D HAHAHAH...
More pictures of beautiful scenery to be continued on the next post.... :D