Saturday, July 31, 2010


I have just had a very busy 2 weeks. We have officially finished school for one week. On Thursday and Friday, a couple Americans working with AWANA international were at the school. They had been to the school last year, and were getting updates. They had several grades recite a passage from Psalms, and had several individuals reciting verses recorded for promotional videos they will be producing.Now that I have a week off from school, I will be doing some little things around Nairobi. I will be going to a child care/orphanage called New Life to spend time with the children. I would also like to go to the SIM office and help out where I can.

Last weekend, I went to Kinangop with an SIM couple- Colin and Fey. On the way there, we stopped at Tumaini, a school where we have other SIMers. This little girl, Hope, was found on the side of the road just 3 days before we saw her.She couldn't even cry when she was found. Hope is staying at, and being cared for, at Tumaini until the government can decide what they want to do with her. **I really wanted to take her home with me!!**Colin and Fey are short-term SIMers who teach churches about cell groups. For a couple of hours, Colin and Fey taught about the cell groups...what they are, how to lead a cell group.....Then, we broke into groups. I co-lead a group with Fey. It was such a great experience. We traveled up country and stayed in a Kenyan home. The area was absolutely beautiful and the people were so great. We stayed with a couple named David and Phylis. On the trip to their home, Phylis and her son, Blessing, rode with us. I said "Wow" to something as we passed. From that point on, Blessing called me "Wow." :D :D

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Up Country Travel

Today was the last day of exams for the term. There will be another week of school before break starts. I'm not exactly sure what the next couple of weeks will bring, but I'll let you know when I do!!

Tomorrow morning, I am heading for Kinangop, Kenya. I'm going with a couple from the SIM compound. They travel to different churches and train individuals to work with cell groups. This will be leading a Bible study and guiding discussions. This training will help the individuals lead cell groups in their own churches. I may be leading a group on Saturday. This could be interesting as it would be through a translator.
We'll be staying at the pastor's house in Kinangop and going to church before heading back to Nairobi. I'll be taking pictures, so I'll update you when I return!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

New sport....

On Thursday afternoon, I was heading home from school when I found out that some of the older girls from school were participating in a volleyball tournament on Friday afternoon (the following day). I was surprised to find that they had never played volleyball before, and yet they were playing other schools the next day. The coaches found out that I had played volleyball before, so they asked if I had tips for them. WOW!!! What an experience. We went to the only court in Kibera, and taught them the basics. THey did not have a net, so they used what they had....sweaters and sweatshirts. They had to learn how to bump and serve....everything in one day.
They did not win on Friday (but they were close on one game). They played again on Saturday, and I have yet to find out how that went.

Monday, July 12, 2010


Guess what....I have actually caught a cold in Kenya!! It has been a little chilly here since I've come, but today is actually sunny and warm! I did not even have to wear a jacket! I'm SUPER excited!!!

My school, New Adventure, is divided into 3 terms. They have classes for 3 months and have a month of "break." Really, this month of break involves 1 week of break and then 1/2 days of class for the rest of break. During each term, they are in school Monday-Friday (8:20-4) and have a 1/2 day of classes on Saturdays. They really do not get any breaks!
Right now, we are preparing for exams which will be the 21st-23rd of July. Hopefully the kids will remember everything that they have learned so far. Each exam is cumulative over what they have learned over the whole year. SO different! It feels odd being in school in least I'm not the student any more!!!

Hope all is going well for you!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

My kids...

Another week has flown by. I have taught a few classes throughout the week including Math, English, and CRE (Christian Religious Education). THese classes are not difficult to teach considering it is the 3rd grade. However, sometimes it is a little hard to communicate the point of the lesson in English. At the end of each lesson, the children are given classwork to do. That helps me to see if they understood. If they are having problems, they can be helped in Kiswahili by the teacher. That has been helpful. I'm really thankful for how it has gone so far. I am really exhausted by the end of the week, but I have 2 days a week off, so I can catch up on my sleep!

When I get home, I'm pretty tired as well. I have enjoyed going out into the compound and watching the kids play or playing with them. I enjoy having people of all ages here! In my spare time, I have baked here ...I have Christy's reputation to live up to :D HAHA! I love baking though!! Here is a picture...just for mom! It's a mango pie, and we cinnamon crips with the extra crust dough.
If you want to come for tea, and cookies some time, let me know....or just drop by! I'd love to have you :P

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th!

Hello all! Happy 4th of July! It doesn't feel like the 4th around here. It does not feel summery as it is winter here (It's pretty chilly here), and there is no celebration of America's Independence! Yes, I have been hearing cheering, horns, and yelling over the past few weeks, but that has been for the world cup. I have never been so "involved" in sports as I have been this week... we are so sad that Ghana lost yesterday. It was a tragic loss....

This past week has been exciting and very tiring as well. I have been observing in the classrooms of New Adventure school. I have a 30 minute walk with an escort to and from the school every day. The children are in school from 8:20-4 every day. I started out the week with the intentions of just observing all week. There was a little mix-up as one head man thought I was observing all week, and the head teacher thought I should pick a class. Things worked out all right, and I was not too stressed. I ended up choosing the 3rd grade, and the teacher I will be working with for right now is very helpful and kind. I have learned a lot from her.
She asked if I would want to teach the Bible lesson on Friday. I thought that would be a nice way to ease into teaching, so I said yes. On Friday morning, she was called out to go to a meeting form 9:30-2pm. I was nervous as she asked if I would mind teaching while she was gone....!!!! It ended well as she came back around 11. The meeting had been postponed since there weren't many people in attendance. YAY! God worked that out nicely. I may end up teaching more grades, but for now, I am with the 3rd grade.

Housing on the compound is great. THere are other missionary families and a couple single people around my age on the compound. Right now, I have a whole house to myself. I had 3 other roommates for almost a week, and they have finished their ministries and gone home. It is a little lonely in this big house by myself, but the people on the compound have been so kind. I have had meals with them and had game nights. I am blessed to be surrounded by such great people! I will be getting 2 more housemates around the 29th of August. I can't wait!

Sorry this is so long, I will try to keep my notes shorter. I just want to show you a few pictures of what I did this weekend. I went to an elephant orphanage and giraffe here they are :D Thanks for praying for me! I appreciate it so much!!

THese elephants have been orphaned because of poachers. Every night, someone sleeps in the stall with the elephants. They raise them and release them in the wild. The elephant's human contact is limited so they don't become dependent on them.

Yes, I am kissing a giraffe. HAHA. It's not as gross as one would expect. I only put the food between my lips. Other people put it on their tongues for the giraffe. If it's between the lips, it's not too bad :D You should try it sometime!!