Sunday, February 27, 2011

Last days...

I had a really good teacher friend in Kenya. Susan taught in the high school level at New Adventure. We started talking on lunch breaks, since that was the only time our schedules intersected. After a while, she started coming to my house to teach me how to make some Kenyan foods. I think my housemates may have enjoyed the food almost as much as I did!

THis is Susan. We got together 3 times to make different meals. We were making Chapati, which is something similar to a tortilla, but so much better.
Two days before I was scheduled to leave Kenya, I received a package from my parents. That made my day! One thing that was included was some Christmas sprinkles. I HAD to use them before I left. I made these sugar cookies, and it felt more like Christmas! One of my housemates had an elephant cookie cutter, so I had to make some Kenyan Christmas cookies.
I wasn't supposed to make it to the SIM Christmas party, so we ate a few cookies and sent them to someone who WOULD make it to the party. Since my flight was cancelled, I went to the party , stayed through the dinner, and caught my flight afterward! It was a hot , sun-shiny day.

I was originally scheduled to fly out of Nairobi on Dec. 19, but the flight was canceled because of the snow in London. The flight was rescheduled to Leave Dec 24. A friend and I decided we didn't want to stay that long. After hours in the airport, we finally got tickets through another airline leaving the 22nd. I told my sisters when to pick me up from the airport, and to keep it a secret for my parents. My dad, being the detective he is, decided to do anything he could to get me home for Christmas! He called the flight agency, and they said, "Well, your daughter is actually in Dubai!"
Boy was he shocked, and he had to tell my siblings. They turned right around and said, "How did you find out?!" It was great to be back , but quite a shock to land at 28 degrees. I only had sandals. It's been fun to be home, and I can't wait for it to get warm STAY!

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